The launch of the new brand at

The new brand

April 20th, was held the official launch of the new image of Meunier industrial tooling. Dozens of clients and partners were present and were able to discover in the scoop the new name of the company, its new visual identity (signature graphic and positioning statement) as well as the first web site of the company.

Meunier industrial tooling team also reserved another surprise size of the people present: his move in a brand new building in July 2017. These new premises, located in the industrial park of Sherbrooke, will be much more large and close to the company’s clients.

"These changes allow the company to move closer to their clients and aim to firmly establish the position of the company as a supplier of industrial and commercial equipment of first plan," explained Sylvain Nadeau, Vice-president of the company.

Clients et partenairesMany customers and partners attended the event. 
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Le fondateur de l’entreprise, M. Denis Meunier, ainsi que son épouse.The founder of the company, Mr. Denis Meunier, as well as his wife.
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Dévoilement de la nouvelle image de marque. Unveiling the new brand image.
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Plans du futur établissement de l’entrepriseFrom left to right: Mr. Francis Meunier, President, Mr. Sylvain Nadeau, Vice-president as well as Yanick Caron, customer service director, posing proudly in front of the plans of the future establishment of the enterprise.
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A memorable evening which brought together our beautiful team! It will be a pleasure to serve you!