With cordless tools, work will be simplified

Facilitate your travel and your manipulations with cordless tools! Discover the many products offered by Meunier industrial tooling.

cordless tools


Cordless vacuum’s

  • Cordless vacuum’s accessories
  • Cordless vacuum’s

Batteries/ Chargers

  • Battery adapters
  • Batteries
  • Chargers

Cordless shears

  • Cordless shears accessories
  • Cordless shears

Cordless impact wrenches

  •  Cordless impact wrench accessories
  • Cordless impact wrenches

Cordless nailers

  •  Cordless nailer accessories
  • Cordless nailers

Cordless tool sets

Thermal Imagers

Work Lights

  •  Work light accessories
  • Work Lights

Cordless rotary hammers

  • Cordless rotary hammers
  • Cordless rotary hammer accessories

Cordless grinders

  • Cordless die grinders
  • Cordless angle grinders

Expansion tools

Detection tools

Cordless outdoor tools

  •  Cordless outdoor tool accessories
  • Cordless grass shears
  • Cordless cultivators
  • Cordless chain saws
  • Cordless blowers
  • Cordless hedge trimmers
  • Outdoor line trimmers

Cordless multipurpose tools

  •  Multipurpose tool accessories
  • Cordless oscillating tools
  • Cordless rotary tools

Cordless drills

  • Cordless hammer drills
  • Cordless drill/drivers
  • Cordless angle drills
  • Cordless drill accessories
  • Cordless magnetic drills

Cordless guns

  •  Cordless gun accessories
  • Cordless caulking guns
  • Cordless grease guns

Cordless polishers

Cordless sanders

Cordless planers

Cordless ratchets

Cordless saws

  •  Portable table saws
  • Cordless circular saws
  • Cordless band saws
  • Cordless reciprocating saws
  • Cordless jig saws

Cordless press tool


Cordless routers

Cordless screwdrivers

  •  Cordless screwdriver accessories
  • Cordless screwdrivers

Cordless fans

Heated Gear

  •  Heated gear accessories
  • Heated gear

Concrete vibrators

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